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07 May 2010


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Those are beautiful pieces! What do you do with so much pottery? And how do you display it? I too can browse for a long time in pottery shops, but I think you would outdo me for sure.


Thank you RD. In our current home, space is pretty limited so most of my pottery isn't displayed but stored away in cabinets.

I use my pottery pieces in cycles so for a few weeks I'll use a set for weekend brunches to hold freshly cut fruit, granola, maple syrup, yogurt as well as pasta, dips & sauces. I also have one or two bowls in the kitchen where I store fruit and tomatoes. The flat pieces of pottery are perfect for sweet breads or to lay cheese and cold cuts.

If it's a pretty piece of pottery, I can always come up with a good reason to use it. lol!

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