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27 January 2010


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I don't remember the brand, but I bought yogurt in these pots too and I even brought the pots back to the US with me! I love them. It was wonderful yogurt. I think we got it at Delhaize or Carrefour.


Hi RD, I've checked the nearest Carrefour but unfortunately no luck. I'll have to give Delhaize a try. Thanks for the tip!

Shannon Balloon

oh my gosh, I had forgotten how much I miss European yogurt until I read your post. It is just not the same back here. Eat some for me!


I got addicted to this yogurt when I was overseas. Looking for a place that has it in LA. By the way, the coconut is heavenly!

K. Bierman

We discovered la fermiere in Hong Kong and tried ALL the flavors. FAB.
Does anyone in the NYC / CT area have it?


Just returned from Paris. Was able to purchase this wonderfully delicious yogurt in a little neighborhood store for under E2,00. Brought home 4 little blue crocks. I can't believe how much it costs in the states! If anyone knows where to find it at a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks


I've recently returned from Great Britain where the Vancouver Welshmen's Choir travelled and performed concerts around Scotland, England and Wales.
I saw these yogurts in a Whole Foods store in London and was amazed that they weren't priced higher than others in plastic containers. The strawberry/red currant flavour was delicious and the texture was so light! The five blue pots I brought home are inscribed with 'joyeux anniversaire' to celebrate their 60th year in production. I'll be looking around Vancouver BC for this product!

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