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07 March 2007


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That sounds like a great tour, in spite of the dangers. OSHA would have a field day with this factory. I'll think of it every time I see Le Creuset cookware at the store. (I'd take the red too.)


Your description of your visit to the Le Creuset factory reminded me of our time in England. We would go visit various tourist spots and there would literally be sheer cliffs off to the side and the only safety measures would be a little sign that said "Mind your children" and MAYBE a fence. It's a different world over there.

It sounded like a nice trip, except for the exploding hot liquid iron. I would skip the tour next time too. :-)



Oh my gosh, I was laughing and laughing and laughing over this even as the little voice in my head kept saying Not Funny. I was imagining your wild curls glowing with embers and people around you slapping at your head. Glad you didn't have to "stop,drop and roll" in the DIRT. Of course, the phrase Iron Lung came to mind with a whole new meaning. E, Mr. Safety, would have never let us complete the tour.

It is SO different over here. I like watching people operate jackhammers on the street without hearing or eye protection. And hard hats? Sure we use CERAMIC TILE on our roofs but no worries.

Glad you had a memorable experience--and the picture of the lovely building in the gloom and rain will always conjure images of SO many European places. : )


Love the heart ramekins! How adorable. And what a scary experience with the factory. You're right -- if you'd been touring in the U.S., you'd probably be wearing a hard hat and protective goggles. :)

Reid W

I live in Belgium and stumbled on your blog in preparing for hoping to day trip to le Creuset. Thought you would get a kick out of knowing they no longer give factory tours due to "safety concerns" oh well. is it still worth going for the shop and the saint quentin town? they mentioned a butterfly museum that my daughter might get a kick out of. Anyway, it made me laugh when they said there were no more tours. You may have been the last one!


needless to say they dont do factory tours anymore! went to the shop today though and its got the fab new colour 'cassis'

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