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11 March 2007


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This post made me realize I don't have a dream journey and wonder why...Hmmmm. That's food for thought....


Hmm. It is sad that this is true. My friend did travel to Egypt and Israel-- alone, no less. She was held in the airport in Egypt and made to strip naked, and questioned to for hours. For no reason, other than being and American who had gone to Israel. It was horrible! But. She loved it before that. She was spit on my little kids in the street, but she still loved it. LOL



My dream Journey was to Morrocco and in 2000 after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria, I travelled by myself to Morrocco and spent the next two weeks exploring. It was wonderful and I had no problems what so ever.


I want to visit egypt. I wish to see the pyramids so much.

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