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11 February 2007


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Hey, there's nothing posted! (Or is it just me--I do need glasses, I think.) Yummy? It's got to be more chocolate!

GeL(Emerald Eyes)

Hi, I'm still new to Sun. Scribblings. These are yummy colors as well as showing a fun activity. I did a timed post and I can't believe I left out that my paint colors are yummy! lol (I'm an artist.) However, I did include jewelry I make.

I also *love* the cupcakes up top! It sounded like you had fun making them. :)

Paris Parfait

Yes - definitely yummy!


I would love to see what you make with those paint colors. Do show and tell!


I absolutely love the word YUMMY! I say it all of the time! I love hearing it too. It just makes you feel good! It really is a yummy word!

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