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11 November 2006


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Always excited to see another Christian's writing in response to these prompts! Loved the quote from Chuck Swindol you used. You wrote on the same idea that came to my mind when i saw the prompt as well. Sometimes being the passenger is better than being the driver even though we sometimes become "back seat drivers."


Excellent post!! I love the Swindoll quote--it ties in so nicely with the SS prompt. I've heard that the Germans have a proverb that says a happy mind is half of being healthy. Or something to that effect. But I want to copy out the Swindoll quote and tape it to my bathroom mirror!


How uplifting! - I also took a sudden "right turn" and moved away from my homeland. It's nice when the road turns out to be much more interesting than one could have ever imagined. Happy Thanksgiving early- (maybe this year I'll actually remember it).

Paris Parfait

Yes, it takes a certain flexibility to live abroad for any length of time. We do celebrate Thanksgiving - my British husband (the irony) cooks turkey and all the trimmings and this year we've having two American guests. It's not the same as being "home," but as you implied, we can create our own traditions. That photo is beautiful and I really like your post.


I love those words by Swindoll. How true and wise! I think it is safe to say that attitude is THE most impotant thing in making a life. I know I have a different life than my parents, because I have a diffrent attitude. I think I get it from knowing I am not alone in the world, but loved by someone more amazing than anyone can imagine! Knowing that can change a lot.



The words "traditional Christmas market" make me so jealous! I remember a holiday in Bavaria (from Brussels) to ski, and the wonderful Christmas stores full of handcarved ornaments and nutcrackers and smokers. Wonderful! And your thoughts on attitude are spot on. As a former military brat, I too recall the wives who weren't curious about their temporary homes. My mom was the opposite of that, multi-lingual, an explorer, the only one who made friends with the locals. And here's another quote for you: "We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same." - Carlos Castaneda


What a great post! You're so right. And I love that long quote you shared by Charles Swindoll. It's great to be reminded that our attitudes are up to us. :)


Great post, demonstrating a great attitude. I love the Charles Swindoll quote, and have it posted prominently in my classroom at school.

Great writing :)


That's a great attitude T and one I share! You guys are going to have an awesome time in Madrid! I'm so jealous!


I love spending Thanksgiving with my friends. It is such a good opportunity to share with them the story and meaning behind the holiday. Once I had chicken, and once I made a lamb curry. Nice post and very well written!

ally bean

"If you have a boring day, it will only be because you chose to."

I love that quote. I like that woman's attitude. Making the most of things seems like a good idea no matter where you are living. Difficult to do sometimes, but worth it in the overall.


I love this quote. I used to read lots of Chuck Swindoll's books and that quote was one that i'd underlined.

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