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24 October 2006


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i am not sure how i found your blog but i enjoy your adventures. why are you living over seas? we love trader joes and just got a few little goodies from my mother the other day. those pita chips are the best. i have a recipe for them, i'll try and find it and send it to you. those cupcakes are great too.

ally bean

Trader Joe's sea salt pita chips are my downfall. I can eat a whole bag of them and then look around for some more!

The art is very pretty. Are those dragonflies?


Wow--that's a lot of people who think you are pretty special. I agree, there's nothing better than getting letters and packages in the mail. Love it! I almost like it better than something that is hand-delivered. Maybe because you know the trouble they went to to get that to your door.


Hi! I LOVE that print. Always love the dragonflys. And I heart our TJ. I love that it is right around the corner.

Thanks for your visit to my blog. I actually just put Zen Shorts on my Amazon wish list yesterday! lol. Smart minds...

I am off to check out more of your space.



I lost the email with your address. Can you send it to me again?


Care packages make all the days you walk through the world without anyone recognizing you recede from memory.


Hi Ty,
Glad to hear that you like your art piece. Buying gifts for you is hard but I'm glad that I finally got you something you like.

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