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13 October 2006


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Wish I had a few words of wisdom for you. At least you wouldn't be living there for the rest of your lives. Time flies, and before you know it you'll be moving back to the good ole US. Hope Little C has a fun birthday!


being away from home can make one lonely for sure. i know tons about missing loved ones, so i have so much empathy for what you're feeling. look for your silver lining :0)

now is the time to make wonderful memories that you'll be able to look back on with smiles and wonderment when you're old and grey. that's a long, long ways away, but one day you'll be missing these times in your with your hubby and son.



I've been here 18 months, I'm glad I'm here, but I still get homesick. There are different versions of it for me--sometimes I'm pining for my friends, other times longing for my old life style, thinking about events I'm missing, and sometimes I just long for my house, my yard, my community. All I can say is that it comes and goes, often without warning.

American holidays are HARD. I've blogged on this on Expatica and on my own site. Halloween is tough for my kids. And my solution to the Thanksgiving dilemma is to travel and completely ignore the holiday. There is simply no acceptable replacement for Thanksgiving, not even celebrating with other Americans here. Last year we went to Paris, this year we'll be in Rome...


Oh I hope you win!!! I remember my first Thanksgiving away as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria, and a bunch of us Americans got together and had our own makeshift potluck Thanksgiving- was actually very nice though at times I still felt that pang of homesickness. The pie maker, however, forgot to put the sugar in the pumpkin pie which was a royal disappointment-looked great, tasted awful! If you stay in town, perhaps you can get together with fellow Americans, OR I like your idea of using it as an opportunity to travel somewhere new for the weekend!


Hang in there! Wouldn't that be incredible if you DID win a trip to the parade!?

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