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22 October 2006


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I LOVE The Boy Who Grew Flowers on His Head! I keep telling myself I need to get it as so often great picture books like that never make it to paperback and go extinct. And Superhero necklaces- I love them too-would love to own more of them!


I'm back just to add that I followed that apron link which was very dangerous. Laini & I have made Anthropologie into a verb since we used to go there so much. Did you see the table linens too? I love that store and try to tell myself that its really only a museum so I won't stay in long but I rarely can leave without something!


Those barefoot books look wonderful, and the pottery quilts are really intriguing (I think a pottery quilt would make a great tiled benchtop).


Wow--these ARE Good Things! Thanks for the links to all the great sites. I am wishing that my computer wasn't being so sloooow so I could spend more time perusing before my daughter gets upset that I'm smiling more at the screen instead of her!


I have to 3rd or 4th the cool aprons! Something else I love are unique ink pens. They have to write well of course!


nice list! I love that T-shirt link!

ally bean

What a "good" list you've made here! The pottery quilt is really unique and I love the bowls with turquoise.


What a neat idea. Thanks for the tips!


You have great taste! I really love the pottery quilts! I like all of it actually...

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