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15 October 2006


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What beautiful pictures of Lil C. He has always been a cutie pie.


Those are beautiful pictures.


The perspective and quality of these photos is amazing and precious.

The first year is remarkable, but I must admit I have never wanted to go back!


I love the photos -- he is so precious!!!


Priceless photos. Lovely words and wishes. Obviously created by someone who loves the child enormously.


I was just wishing that about my grandson :) Amazing pictures!


What cute pics! Oh, how well I know that feeling. I still find myself savoring every minute. Seems as though, it was just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital, now he tells me, "I gotcha!"


What a beautiful little boy! I imagine you are so busy actually being a first-time mom that its hard enough to think about stopping time when it must feel like instead it is moving so quickly. What a gift you are giving to him too, having the chance to live overseas and have such different, rich experiences compared to his peers in the US. I wish all Americans could and would travel.


Lovely posting. Amazing what these little beings make us feel.


Awesome pics!


Such beautiful photos! I love the way you have captured time through photography.


You have a gift for photography. What beautiful pictures to look at on Lil C' b-day. It's not just Lil C's b-day it's your 3rd Mother anniversary. You are a wonderful mom to Lil' C and a wonderful person to all the people you love! Muaahhhh!

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