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28 October 2006


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You are instilling a love for reading in C that he will have forever.


Thanks for your comment. :-)

I used to salsa dance Sage to sleep. It was the only thing that worked. We read lots as well. I also like to make up stories about the mischievious activities that his Bionicles are up to when he is sleeping.


I agree that it is important to choose storybooks carefully. There are so many junky kid books out there and it is so important to try to fill children's little minds with good things. I love the enthralled expression in the photo.
I also wanted to say thanks for sharing the photo and pics of Parc Paradisio. Fascinating place!


I love bedtime stories. My new favorite is "Grandfather Twilight".


Would you please email me? I have a question for you and don't see a 'contact' email address for you on your blog. Thanks!


I am going to look for The Boy Who Grew Flowers, I bet my girls would like that story.


Sounds like a lovely story!


Hmmm...I will add the boy who grew flowers to my amazon list! Sounds like a story my son would like. I left someother books a four year old boy would like for you in my comments. ;)


ally bean

Being read to is the best! Great photo.


The Boy Who Grew Flowers is one of my very favorites as well!

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