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17 September 2006


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I loved this post - and not JUST because I love chocolate, LOL :)

But I must say, you did a very bad things letting me know how nutritious chocolate actually is ;P


Fasinating information :) I wonder if they had PMS ceremonies ;) Actually hubby would give Montezuma a run for his money. Tasty google!


What a great topic! You can't go wrong with one on chocolate, though I wondered if you became very hungry while writing it! I wish I liked chocolate even a teensy bit less but that will never ever happen! Even the few times i have had a cold and couldn't taste a thing, I still craved chocolate- the texture, the high, all of it!


Even though I'm not a huge chocolate lover (I know, that's probably sacrilege to you!) I really enjoyed reading your very informative and well written post about it. Atually made me crave some, so I think I'll open up that box of Godiva chocolates some one gave me for mother's day!

Also enjoyed cathing up on your other posts, all about your adventures in your new home. Very nicely done!


Did you know that chocolate also contains an amino acid which makes you happy? I learned this in biochemistry and have always remembered it. One problem though is that the rainforest is suffering because we grow and harvest too much chocolate. There are brands that are more conscious than others, but it's a problem I grapple with a lot. There used to be a magazine called, "Chocolate lovers" but I am not sure if it is still around. You are probably too young to remember how, in the 80's, chocolate became very chic in the US and all these brands like Godiva started becoming big sellers.
Great post! So, you need to follow up with the inside scoop on what the best brands of chocolate are out there....

ally bean

This is a wonderful post on one of my favorite topics. Thanks for putting this together for us.

How did Spain hide chocolate for 100 years?? That's blows my mind. And I knew nothing about slaves and chocolate. How weird.

And now I'm off to look for a Milky Way bar-- got to get my 9% daily allowance of calcium somewhere!


Montezuma sounds like my kida man! Hope you're enjoying every bit of it. Great post.


Great sunday scribbling.. sorry my comment is so late, but yeah - who doesn't want to know more about chocolate? so thanks for that - i found the last tid-bit the most fascinating - "the Chinese eat only one bar of chocolate for every 1,000 consumed by the British" that is crazy!


I should live in China where people understand me.

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