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26 September 2006


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All I could do as I looked at these pictures was say, "Wow". All of it is amazing to me. I keep using that word and yet I just love it. I wish I could smell and hear what is going on too...


My friend Alexandra just told me about your site and I've been perusing it wistfully -- I lived in Belgium for 8th and 9th grade! My father was US military posted to NATO headquarters. I have some very fond memories, though in truth we moved there from a beach town in southern Italy, so I was a bit glum about the transition for a while. I couldn't tell from the posts I read what part of the country you are in. I was in Brussels, but we would go to SHAPE for sports events, etc. I remember some small towns, but it was a LONG time ago -- almost 20 years! (OH MY GOD!) Love you pics of the markets and chocolates and cheese! I'm surprised more of the people you've met don't speak English -- not that they SHOULD, but it seems in Northern Europe everyone speaks about 5 languages fluently. Anyway, glad to find your site!


Oh -- I almost forgot -- our house in a Flemish village was gorgeous but had terrible wallpaper too. Ha ha.

ally bean

at least you are getting spinach. i'm in the part of the us where it is currently banned due to recent contamination scares. i'm thinking i may never eat it again. :-(


Hey, nice page!
I really enjoyed reading your experiences. Its very funny to read what outsiders think of us Belgians :)
Keep up the good work!


I was at a market in Brussels and saw a goat's head for sale.

I wish I'd had a camera....


Neil matched me to you! So, hi! When he said you lived in Belgium, I didn't realize that you had JUST moved there.

It's nice to meet you, anyway. I'll be back!


thats one of the things I most miss about Europe-the markets. When I lived in Bulgaria for two years, along with the fruit & flowers for sale, you'd also see pigs for sale in the backs of open trunks, back seats full of cabbage where you'd just reach your arm in through the window and grab what you'd like, and all sorts of other unique, fun sights to witness! Enjoy all that spinach- don't forget its good in an omelette too!


Hey, it was lovely to meet you and your family last night at Cindy's.

There's a really good market here in Antwerp on Saturday mornings ... they call it the foreigners market because the stall owners are all Moroccan or Turkish and ecetera and there's a French speaking guy who has a stand up the back and his strong Brie is the best I've tasted :)


you post a craving for your mom's chicken, prosicutto and spinach and then leave me hanging w/o a recipe.

oh, that's just cruel.

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