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24 September 2006


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Sounds like he's trying to adjust and find his ground in a new place. This is not to say that knowing that makes any difference in the difficulty of it all..


Wish I had a descent piece of advice, but I don't :( But if it's any consolation, I know how you feel. I'm glad that I didn't waste my moneyy buying too many of those parenting books. The few that I bought have been really beneficial but I believe that each child is his own individual and will not always be a "text book" case. Hmm, wonder what women read in the 1920s - LOL


LOL I think every child should come with a manual just for them. I just used my gut instead :) So far it's not working and they are 21 & 22. LOL


hey mama, thanks for the great comment yesterday.

Kid's Manual? Shhooottt, you can't refer to it fast enough when you really need it. What we need is the manual in chip form and downloaded into our head so when they act up we're all smooth and calm and in control on the spot.
P.S. those pictures of you and your sister in the Then & Now melted my heart. so beautiful. My little mamis are 11 and 7 and I pray they always stay close.


When you write this book, make sure to sell it. It'll make you a fortune.

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