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22 May 2006


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Wish #2 is a really good one - a lot of people named superpowers of one sort or another - but I think this would be better than time travel or wings to fly. I'm glad Sunday Scribblings led me here.
By the way - Cute birthday photo!

Paris Parfait

Love your list of wishes! Your last paragraph is wonderful! Also, adorable photo of the birthday girl. :)


that photo is so darling! thanks for sharing today.


It is so easy to see that your wonderful wishes are straight from the heart. I especially like the honesty of the 3rd wish...when money is thought of as a resource to help people and not something to be selfishly hoarded for its own sake, then it is indeed an asset

the photo is precious...is it you as a child?


Hi! Thanks for dropping by my Scribble. I like these wishes of yours. And I agree about the money. It might not make the world go 'round, but it makes it a go 'round a little smoother. ;)


ally bean

your wishes are so good and practical. neat-o.

thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. it's fun to meet new people through this Sunday Scribblings.


Thanks for making one of your wishes about the happiness of your loved ones. For the most part your wish has come true because I am happy most of the time; the moments when I'm not happy I call you.


Thanks for sharing these wishes. I too hope your genie is listening.

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