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13 May 2006


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Jennifer (she said)

I can't always express myself through language/writing. I go to something visual when I need to and I often combine words and images. This image is so so beautiful. I think the female body when pregnant is amazing. I love the shape of the belly and breasts. I have yet to see a pregnant body that did not evoke emotion and admiration. I loved my own pregnant body and wish I'd taken a photo of it. Thank you for sharing this. I think it says so much.

Paris Parfait

Great photo - so often a photo says something words can't. Nice post!


What a stunning portrait! There is something special about the jeans and necklace which adds a "personal" touch. I too wish I had a photograph of me when I was pregnant and I gained 60 lbs :-)


wow, i love this photo....is it you or did you shoot it? in any case, the woman in it looks gorgeous and sensuous.


good photos are worth a thousand words. I love good photo books. hope you will create yours one day. the above photo is beautiful.


What a fabulous photo!! I too am curious to know if you took the photo, if you are the model, or both.

I would love to look through a book of your photos!

C. Delia

This image is so evocative--a perfect representation of your idea for inspiring readers "to photograph their life and celebrate the everyday things and experiences that make up their world". Beautiful...


I feel the same way. I have a photojournal that I keep, to remind me of the images that I simply cannot describe. Beautiful photo, and beautifully worded post.


Great photo. You can definitely fill a book!


"people I love ... moments I treasure" all here in this photograph. You took me back to those exciting, uncomfortable days of great anticipation. Thank you.


Great pic.


This is a really beautiful photograph! lovely capture here- such an amazing time in a woman's life and to be able to help her see the beauty that she is-
thanks for posting.
keep taking picture- like anything, the more you do it the better you are! lovely work out here!!

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